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We all feel stressed at times and when we do it is that little bit harder to see things calmly and clearly. Everything feels more urgent and overwhelming when stress hits us. It can be easy to feel down and negative about the space between where you are and where you want to be. These are the things that we need to remember when you are feeling stressed and need a reminder to cut yourself some slack.

Listen When you feel stressed

It can be tempting to push through, knuckle down and get through things. Alternatively, you might prefer to avoid what is happening and distract yourself with social media and other tools. We all have our way of dealing with stress, it is a natural reaction to uncomfortable feelings. We try to ignore that discomfort in whatever way we can.

At the same time, it is important to notice and acknowledge how you are feeling. Your feelings are there for a reason. They are a signal from your body that it wants you to address something. Listen to that even if your stressful situation cannot disappear instantly. Listen to that nudge that is telling you to slow down, that you are reaching your limit. Step up self-care, be gentle with yourself. Do whatever you can do to support yourself while you deal with your situation. This won’t make your stressful situation instantly vanish but it will help support you while you deal with it.

You are Enough

It is so important to remember that you are doing your best. We don’t need super organised, motivated and productive all the time. When stress hits us it can be hard to see how we are doing all we can do. Feeling stressed is a natural reaction to your situation. Your stress is not a sign that you are weak, lacking in strength or resilience. How you feel is valid and it matters. Remember that that you are doing your best with something tricky and that is all any of us can do during times of stress.

Create a Little Breathing Space

Creating a tiny bit of space to pause can feel really difficult when you feel stressed. Finding a little moment to pause can really help us combat stress. Take a moment to breathe, lock yourself in the bathroom to escape the endless shouts of “MMMUUUMMM!” Curl up on the sofa, instead of getting caught up on the housework, it is always waiting anyway. Go for a walk and get out of the house or office for 10 minutes.

Whatever you need to do to create a little space to step away from the stress is an important survival technique. It helps you escape the pressure for a short while so that you can head back a little calmer or at least get a break from it all for a few moments.

Stress Shouldn’t be Permanent

Life has good days and bad. We also sometimes get hit with more than our fair share of the bad. Feeling stressed should never be a permanent state of being. Stress is a part of life but it should not be a permanent one. If you feel like you living in perpetual stress then know that you can and should do something about that. Whether it is taking a step back from the stress more permanently, seeing a doctor or mental health professional or getting some other support from a friend or life coach. Life isn’t supposed to be hard and sucky all the time. If feeling stressed has become a way of life then consider the option that something needs to change.

Getting Though

When life gets stressful it is that little bit more difficult to see things calmly and clearly. It is so hard to stay grounded in the truth. Stress makes us forget healthy supportive habits. It also makes us pile pressure upon ourselves. We can feel overwhelmed and guilty about fixing our situation and making it better. We all need that little reminder now and again to be gentle with ourselves, to let go of the pressure and stress. Do what you need to do and listen to your body telling you what it needs when you can. No matter what you are dealing with you are enough.

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Originally published at https://www.lynnemcleanbrown.com on September 11, 2020.



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Lynne McLean Brown

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